Planning, monitoring and evaluation

At the organizational level, PSJ developed a monitoring and evaluation tool for its current Strategic Plan within which it monitors its strategic objectives and key actions against outcome indicators.
At the project/program level, monitoring tools specify the indicators as per the outcomes, outputs and activities; and take into account the types of data required and the sources of data for the outcomes, outputs and activities. Monitoring tools are used to assess three aspects of all programs. These are:
• Efficiency, in terms of minimizing costs
• Effectiveness, in terms of achieving planned activities, outputs and outcomes
• Relevancy, in terms of addressing the needs of the target group with the view of enhancing their participation in the planned activities.

PSJ undertakes baseline surveys and organizes review meetings on a quarterly basis to evaluate progress towards the realization of the planned activities. Program reviews give updates on the progress and challenges encountered in the implementation of planned activities. At the end of each project, PSJ undertakes a project assessment of the planned activities to measure whether there was full realization of the intended activities and objectives, and whether planned sustainability measures were effectively taken into account. The results from midterm and end-of-project reviews are incorporated into project activities.