PSJ undertakes audits and evaluations of its projects and programs every year. The recommendations made are effectively adopted in the next year’s work plan and in the development of different proposals for submission to donors.

Annual quality assurance audits
PSJ has quality management process which is based on the quality assurance audits carried out every year. The process lays down the quality management procedures, processes and recommendations in terms of financial systems, administration management and the human resource systems.
PSJ undertakes these external audits on a yearly basis as provided in its Constitution. To be able to engage auditors, a call for proposals is made. The General Assembly selects the best auditing firm which undertakes the organizational audits for a period of two years. The external audits have portrayed PSJ as an organization with good accountability systems which is also reflected by the prompt reporting to donors.

Human Resource Manual
In order to ensure professionalism, PSJ has a Human Resource Manual which stipulates the working conditions of staff and every year staff undergo a systems performance appraisal by the different officers and the appraisal of the Chief Executive Officer is undertaken by the Chairperson and the Human Resource Committee of the Board of Directors. The CEO undertakes the appraisal of senior staff members while the Finance and Administration manager handles the support staff.

Financial and Administration Manual
PSJ has a Financial and Administration Manual which has standardized policies and procedures. This has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s financial management. It ensures that all comply with the required financial management standards by maintaining the books of accounts in line with the generally acceptable accounting standards (GAAP) and ensures prompt financial reporting and internal financial controls.

Partnerships and development of strategic plans
The quality of PSJ’s strategic plan was ensured by involving its member organizations, staff and board of directors. The plan was developed by staff with the input of the member organizations. It was then approved by the Board of Directors during the board meetings that take place every year.